5 Tips That Will Boost Your Career
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5 Tips That Will Boost Your Career

Feeling lost in your career? This can happen for a variety of reasons. Some feel lost because their work is not challenging enough, others feel stuck in their area and don’t know how to keep growing as professionals, and sometimes people just want a change. 

This is especially true in the software industry, where professionals are characterized by their insatiable curiosity and need for learning, as well as challenges and problems to solve. Moreover, because the software scene is constantly changing, it’s not uncommon to see many professionals turn 30 and have no career direction.

If you’re feeling this way, what can you do? Let me show you a few insights about an engineering career that’ll help you never feel stuck at work again.

A roadmap to boost devs careers

Here is what we take into consideration to drive our BEONers’ journey. You will find that this is not a typical career plan, which usually gets nowhere, but a realistic approach that pushes careers forward:

  1. Give your career a direction.

Listen to yourself and what you enjoy doing most plus what you are good at.

  • Based on skills: For example, if you are good at solving complex problems, learning new technologías or good at managing a relationship with a client instead. This can point you to completely different career paths. 
  • Based on experience: Where have you already been and where you would like to be.
  • Based on interests: What technologies, industries, and values are appealing to you.
  1. Find the best opportunities.

Don’t take the first offer. Take your time to find the right positions that are appealing to you. 

  • Look at the top markets: Silicon valley used to be the mecca, but now there are excellent opportunities throughout the United States.
  • Focus on trendy roles and technologies: Javascript is booming, Ruby and Solidity are growing. Avoid old fashion techs. 
  • Identify developing Industries: Crypto and fintech are industries with a lot of focus right now.
  1. Explore working in different company sizes.

We believe that a solid career is built by exploring different environments.

  • Smaller teams: More exposure, more impact on the product. More product-minded. More vertigo. More flexible.
  • Bigger teams: More processes, rigor, compliance. More quality and scalability challenges.
  1. Lean towards positive work environments. Look for positions with clear, organized goals, and peers from which to learn.
  • Methodologically organized. Make sure that the day-to-day experience is good and not a nightmare of overtime and unreasonable demands.
  • Healthy and engaging. Good vibes, easy-going, respectful, and flexible environments empower motivation.
  1. Review your plans regularly

Consistently ask yourself if you are in the right place, and what next steps are.

  • Make sure your achievements are visible: Having consistent performance reviews throughout the year is good to set new goals.
  • Put yourself under scrutiny: Question the position, the pace of growth, and make sure your expectations are clear and leveraged.
  • Do better: it’s important to have a mechanism to receive feedback and improve.

Give your career a boost with us!

At BEON, we will ignite your career. We work in a devs-first environment, which means that helping you achieve your career goals is one of our priorities. That’s why we strive for your solid growth, a long-term project, and a Silicon Valley compatible salary.

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