How to get hired at BEON
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How to get hired at BEON

BEON is a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds and leaving its mark on the industry, bringing a different job proposal with a new and dynamic culture. So, if you’ve been doing your research about us, you’ll notice that we make sure our team is always satisfied and motivated.

But you’re probably wondering what we look for to let someone join our team. The answer is in our unique culture and the critical soft skills all BEONers have in common.

BEON’s unique culture

What our BEONers highlight most as unique about the company is the feeling of belonging, teamwork, and proactivity.

All members of this community share specific core values ​​that create a unique and incomparable personality. Unlike other companies, at BEON, we select those engineers who, in addition to having exceptional technical skills, have the DNA of a BEONer, adding value to the culture. Each new addition to the team is very special, and as a company, we want to offer them, besides a great work environment, an unmatched professional proposal. 

We offer exclusively elite U.S. jobs; we connect you with disruptive companies building cutting-edge tech products with at least US$20MM in funding. Our job offers are always oriented toward the future, and we have a never-ending growth mentality. Our “Devs-first policy” is there to ensure that your work experience is our top priority. We look for environments with good vibes, full of growth opportunities, that recognize the value you deliver.

In addition to being a GPTW-certified company for two years, BEON is always thinking of new ways to generate well-being and professional growth for each developer. At BEON, you can not only find incredible and different benefits, cutting-edge projects, and a team of professionals who will be willing to accompany you from your first interview and throughout your time.


Our process is 100% dedicated to finding those unique individuals who we believe would enrich the company with knowledge and interpersonal values. Once we find that perfect match, our goal is to find them an opportunity that is an excellent fit for them and offers both professional and personal challenges to grow endlessly along with BEON.

What are these core values that make up the BEONer’s DNA? 

  • 100% committed: Hard work and dedication to achieving your goals. We are involved in and committed to BEON’s mission to place the brightest tech talent in the most disruptive and innovative U.S. companies. This mission motivates us to work hard to achieve the company’s ambitious goals. 
  • Problem solvers with impact: We identify and prioritize the challenges that will generate the most significant impact on the organization and face them. We seek to provide reliable, long-term solutions.
  • Growth-oriented: We are restless, curious, and proactive by nature. We seek to grow hand-in-hand with BEON. We enjoy proposing goals that are hard to achieve and stepping out of our comfort zone.
  • Always willing to actively listen: we are team players with a passion for helping. We are flexible, dynamic, and empathetic.

These are some of the characteristics we all share and our individuality. We want people who follow our values but also have something to bring and add to our company’s personality.

Hiring Process

This process consists of 3 key steps:

Step one: The first is a 15-minute matching call with one of our HR specialists to meet you and discuss your career plan. This step is the key to validating your experience and skills and telling us about your desires for the future. This is where we seek a match with our core values and those qualities that make up the BEONer’s DNA.

Step two: The second is an hour-long one-on-one technical assessment with one of BEON’s tech leaders. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your technical skills and meet and work alongside one of our top-talented BEONers.

Step three: After sharing more information about the project that would be a good fit for your skills, you would have the final call to meet with one of our partners and your new team.

This process is meant to be short but thorough so that you’ll find all the info you need and so that we can get to know you in your best light.

Key takeaways

  • Our best advice is to be yourself and show us who you truly are as a professional and as a person. 
  • What sets us apart from other companies is that we truly care about creating a good work environment, so showing good traits like active listening and teamwork go a long way.
  • We believe in motivating everyone to reach their goals, so be sure to let us know your goals and how committed you are to achieve them with BEON at your side.  

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