The Advantage: Why Our Software Engineers Choose Us
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The Advantage: Why Our Software Engineers Choose Us

A supportive, positive corporate culture is key to team well-being and commitment.

As a developer-focused company, we take our healthy, supportive environment seriously. We put in the effort to make our workplace not just bearable but actually enjoyable and fun, with minimal bureaucracy to boot. This approach helps our Latin American developers grow professionally and enjoy their work.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it. In this article, you’ll hear straight from the horse’s mouth—our own engineers. They’ll tell you why they stick with us.

Let’s dive in!

Good Communication & Work-Life Balance

My name is Bruno Feitoza. I currently work with React JS, JavaScript in general, and TypeScript. I am employed at Combo Curve, where we develop systems for oil, gas, and other extraction companies. I’ve been working at for about a year and a few months, and I really enjoy it.

What I like most about is the excellent communication within the team. We can organize our own schedules, which is great because we work with people from various countries, and there’s no fixed time that works for everyone. This way, we have a more flexible schedule focused on deliverables rather than having to spend hours in front of the computer.

Exceptional Teamwork

My name is Luiz Silva, and I work as a quality engineer at

What I like most about working at is the friendly environment and how everyone is so kind and always willing to help whenever I need it. There are many incredible people here, so working alongside such amazing individuals is just wonderful.

I believe that my professional trajectory will only get better over time as I continue working here. I think anyone who has the opportunity to work at should come because it’s an incredible company with amazing professionals and people who can help you find what’s best for your career. They have a great vision and maturity to support your career in a non-intrusive, very supportive way, helping you without demanding more than what you already know how to do.

People-Centric Approach & Career Growth

Hi, my name is Jose Brotons. I currently work for Acoustic, and my tech stack includes Node.js, Vercel, and Acoustic Content, which is a proprietary CMS.

What I love about working at is its people-centric approach. We really matter here, and that’s something I deeply value. I also appreciate the projects because they allow me to grow professionally, which is very important to me.

At, there are plenty of opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. It’s a place where you can truly develop in many aspects. Another thing I really appreciate about is that they choose us not only for our professional and technical skills but also for who we are as individuals. They value our soft skills, and that makes working here really special.

Great Projects

My name is Nicolas Firavitoba, and I am a full-stack developer at BEON. I joined the team four months ago, in July, and I am currently living in Bogotá, Colombia.

What initially drew me to BEON was the impressive clientele and the engaging projects it offered. The opportunity to work with prominent clients while maintaining flexibility was particularly appealing. I knew I would continue to learn and significantly contribute to the projects.

Management Support

I am Alessandro Cataruzzi. I work with data, and I am at Simple Practice.

What I like most about is the support they provide: the support from the Tech Managers and the technological resources we have access to, which make us feel more comfortable and help us work better, resulting in better deliveries.

Sense of Community

My name is Fernando Lima Fernandes. I work as a full-stack developer focusing on PHP, and I am currently involved in the Lightbox project.

What I admire most about working at is meeting people from different countries. I’ve learned a lot from them about their experiences as developers, as well as about their respective countries and cultures. It has been a really rewarding experience.

Remote Work

My name is Cesar Bonel, I’m a PHP Engineer from Honduras. I have been at for a year and six months and my current role is as a Full Stack Developer.

The truth is that it encourages me a lot to be able to connect with people from other countries, to be able to share cultures, and fundamentally work remotely, which not many companies offer.

Would you like to be part of You might be just the software engineer we’re looking for. Explore our open positions.

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