Damian Wasserman, Co-Founder of BEON.tech, Joins The Forbes Tech Council
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Damian Wasserman, Co-Founder of BEON.tech, Joins The Forbes Tech Council

Damian Wasserman, co-founder of BEON.tech, has recently been selected to join the esteemed Forbes Technology Council. This exclusive, invite-only community is made up of senior-level technology executives, including CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs.

The Forbes Technology Council serves as an extension of Forbes Media Company, bringing together a curated group of tech professionals who are industry leaders in their own right. This council is dedicated to nurturing connections, fostering collaboration, cultivating innovative ideas, and inspiring the next generation of tech visionaries. 

Damian Wasserman founded BEON.tech in 2018, and it has since become one of the leading tech talent partners in Latin America. With a team of outstanding software developers, BEON.tech delivers exceptional value to U.S. businesses, earning the prestigious title of the #1 Tech Talent Partner Worldwide according to Clutch. 

With over 20 years of experience in software development, Damian recognizes the significance of nurturing IT talent and promoting developer well-being and efficiency through a framework focused on retention. This approach addresses one of the industry’s greatest challenges while empowering productivity and ensuring successful outcomes.

Due to his experience, he actively engages in discussions at universities and contributes to publications across various media channels, including Forbes.com, covering topics around technology, positive work culture, and nearshore outsourcing.

In his own words:

“Being chosen as one of the esteemed Latam members of the Forbes Tech Council is truly an honor. This opportunity enables me to regularly share my insights on leadership, business, technology, and the ever-evolving landscape of the tech talent market. I am thrilled to contribute valuable articles in these areas and make a meaningful impact.”

In his first thought leadership piece, Damian delves into the importance of adapting tech talent acquisition strategies during periods of growth and recession. Read the article.

Damian aspires to continue his support for the growth of Tech Recruitment in the Latin America scene. He embraces the challenge presented by Forbes, aiming to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in the region.

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