Your Guide to Find Ruby on Rails Developers in 2023 (Salaries, profiles, and more)
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Your Guide to Find Ruby on Rails Developers in 2023 (Salaries, profiles, and more)

Ruby on Rails developers are not only valuable because of their expertise as technicians and the robustness of the technology they’re using, but because of how incredibly scarce they are in the current market.

Unfortunately, desperation has made some business owners hire RoR developers who weren’t the right fit for them, resulting in time and resources lost on a professional that didn’t match the business’s needs.

So, how can you make sure you’re hiring the right Ruby on Rails developer for you, and where can you find RoR talent? Let’s find out.

What to look for when hiring top Ruby on Rails developers

Hands on computer with strings of code on the screen

You should hire a Ruby on Rails developer that stands out from the rest for the same reason you want your business to outshine competitors:  better engineering skills will result in a superior product. Here are the three main features your RoR needs.

Deep technical knowledge and practical problem-solving skills: Assessing a candidate’s qualifications requires both a theoretical and practical test. The former is important to gauge expertise and communication skills. An online questionnaire or meeting can be used as a gauge. The latter allows for an evaluation of the candidate’s current knowledge and their ability to react to surprises.

Proactive leadership and communication: If a team should only have one leader, why would you want leadership skills in every Ruby on Rails developer you hire? Because a leader is someone who takes initiative, is good with people, and knows how to coordinate them. Leaders understand more than the code. They understand your business and vision.

Results-oriented: How do you measure this crucial aspect? Add opportunities for candidates to show critical and creative thinking during the technical challenge they must complete prior to onboarding with your company. That said, it can be tricky to measure this skill with software developers, which is why we’ve been working for years to improve our vetting process  to assess this and other crucial skills.

After you’ve uncovered the profiles you want, it’s time to look at rates.

Ruby on Rails devs rates and salaries

Average ruby on rails salaries in the US, the UK, Eastern Europe, LATAM, Western Europe, and Asia

How to hire a Ruby on Rails developer? 

Programmer with headphones looking at two computer screens at home

If you try to hire a Ruby on Rails developer traditionally, you’ll be up for a ride that could last from weeks to months with no result. Ruby on Rails professionals get scarcer by the day in the U.S., and it’s very rare to find a sufficient number  in a tight area who are close enough to commute.

The new normal taught us that remote work is possible for crucial team members, and may even be the best option in most cases. Many experts in a wide range of industries are seeing a major transition from businesses, which have already adopted remote work to start taking advantage of the benefits of international talent onboarding.

But how can you hire a Ruby on Rails developer from abroad? The best results come from a thorough knowledge of the needs of the professionals in the region from which you want to hire, such as opportunities to grow their career.This will enable you to find the best way to promote your proposal. You also need to know how to conduct a smooth and effective interview process.

Consider an agile Ruby on Rails development company

Three people having a discussion at an office setting with several computers on a desk

Hiring Ruby on Rails developers with the techniques described above can be very difficult, especially if you’re not an expert on the software development market from abroad. There’s also the trial-and-error period in all hiring processes, which can become burdensome and expensive. Because of this, many business owners have noticed that getting help from a software development company is faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Now, choosing a Ruby on Rails development company in India may be tempting because their hourly rate is lower, but there are a few things you need to consider first. The most important is the time zone.

Working with offshore Ruby on Rails developers – those from overseas – could lead to many difficulties and much wasted time. This is because the difference in the time zone constitutes almost a full work day. When you’re starting your day and checking on your projects, your team will be finishing their work day and won’t be available again until you’ve already left the office.

Why many business owners hire Ruby on Rails developers from Latin America

Man writing code on his laptop

Many businesses have decided to hire Ruby on Rails developers from Latin America. LatAm has a vast pool of development talent with thousands of engineers graduating each year. Many outsourcing software development companies are dedicated to connecting the best talent from this region with U.S. businesses.

But, how can you choose among all the potential LatAm talent partners? An agile Ruby on Rails development partner should have:

  • A ready-to-use talent database
  • A transparent and bulletproof vetting process, hiring only the best of the best
  • Flexibility and scalability to enable you to expand your team on demand

At, we thoroughly inspect thousands of Latin American engineers and employ the select few showing outstanding technical and social abilities, English fluency, and high-caliber academic performance.

Our carefully crafted onboarding pipeline includes eight stages of technical, language, and personal assessments, guaranteeing that our clients work exclusively with the best developers. So, if you want to hire the best Ruby on Rails developers on the market, drop us a line. We look forward to discussing your needs, and working to find the very best Ruby on Rails developers to fulfill them. 

Key takeaways

  • Ruby on Rails experts are scarce and hard to find if you’re only looking at the U.S. market, but you can find talented Ruby on Rails developers abroad.
  • A great Ruby on Rails developer should not only know development methodologies, but also have excellent communication skills, be proactive, and a team player.
  • If you hire offshore Ruby on Rails developers, you could face issues with time zones and delayed responses, which is why many choose Latin America instead.
  • An agile development team of RoR developers from Latin America should offer development services that are flexible and transparent, as well as a vetting process that offers you only the best from this market full of talented professionals.

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