These Are Our 4 Tools For Creating Prime Culture And Talent Engagement
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These Are Our 4 Tools For Creating Prime Culture And Talent Engagement

What’s Organizational Culture? Is it the mission and values of a company? Its benefits? We could say that all of this is part of and makes up the culture, but at, we believe that the most important thing is our people. Felipe Zacani, Node.js engineer from Brazil working with AutoFi, describes BEON’s culture as follows: 

“If I could choose one word to describe our culture, it would be freedom. It’s a culture that allows any level of autonomy for the developer according to what they are actually looking for. If you are looking for a lot of support you will get all that support and more, if you think you can do your things by yourself, you will get that opportunity.”

So, we will explain the 4 key factors that have helped us create a great workplace culture and receive recognition, and comments like these that show that our team is happy and satisfied.

1.- Attracting elite engineers that possess these 4 core values

Our BEONers represent our culture and drive our success. We value innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We believe technology can change the world and help people, and so, are passionate about projects that make a positive impact on society. The bases that guide us to choose new BEONers are our core values: Commitment, Problem-solving, Growth mindset, and positive attitude.

  1. 100% committed: We are dedicated to BEON’s mission and work hard to reach the company’s goals. We don’t delay solving problems and take action promptly.
  2. Solvers with impact: We seek to leave an indelible mark on each task we perform, thinking about the different alternatives and scenarios to find the best solution, always taking into account its potential consequences in the medium and long term.
  3. Growth oriented: We are restless, curious and proactive by nature and we seek to grow hand in hand with BEON. We set ambitious goals that take us out of our comfort zone.
  4. Positive attitude: We value empathy, kindness and respect in our relationships with others and in our daily work.

“With our teammates we have a single purpose in the project, which is why we feel that collaboration is quite important. Communication and being aware of each other, for example, someone new recently joined the team and we like to provide confidence to new entrants and make these people feel welcome to the project. It is part of the BEON culture, you feel part of it so we also feel like doing it that way” —Jose Pablo Brotons, React engineer from Colombia working for Acoustic.

2.- Using the TEM program for long-term commitment and motivation

To show the world the importance of our culture, we specialize in attending to each of your needs to create a perfect match between what our BEONers need and what our partners are looking for.

We achieve all this through our TEM program.

The main objective of each TEM is to provide support to engineers during their integration into the team and accompany their professional growth, while maintaining constant communication with the client about their progress.

I have always worked with this model, remote work and as a contractor, but I never had this kind of support. Where BEON is not only looking at the customer side. They trust the developer who is representing the company. I felt right from the start a great relationship with my TEM. The main reason for me is the level of trust I received from the beginning. I love that.” — Felipe Zacani.

Our TEMs are the reflection of committed leaders who forge spaces of well-being and successful workplaces thanks to the positive synergy formed in their relationships with engineers and clients.

3.- Setting the highest standards with unrivaled growth perks

Vast access to courses that advance their career

To facilitate professional growth, we offer a variety of resources including Udemy, O’Reilly, GitHub Copilot, and Pluralsight. Additionally, BEONers receive quotes to become certified on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other platforms. They can also access an optional Conversation Club where a native teacher facilitates English classes. Additionally, we offer biweekly therapy sessions to promote mental health care in a remote environment, as part of our work-life fit philosophy.

Opportunity to profit from sharing their knowledge

On the other hand, blogs provide a space to share knowledge and discuss trends, encouraging collaboration and keeping members up to date. The workshops and webinars taught by BEONers not only facilitate the exchange of experiences and skills, but also strengthen the union by providing opportunities for collaboration and professional development. Together, these initiatives create an environment where each member contributes and feels part of BEON. 

The Rewards Program

It’s made up of a series of recreational activities such as Company Gaming Leagues, engagement proposals through Slack such as Friday’s Q&A, in which every Friday we launch a trigger question for collaborators to participate, and our Emoji Challenge, where we provide different sequences of emojis and they must guess series and movies.

Through these dynamics all BEONers participate to add points and win monthly and annual prizes such as US$1,500 to optimize their vacations, usable for flights, accommodation or more. We launched this program in 2021 and since then we have seen that our collaborators value it more and more, it gives them the possibility of interacting and connecting with others despite the distances.

We take care of constantly optimizing it so that the experience remains pleasant, we know we are on the right path when we receive comments like these:

 “Most satisfying 30-min-or-less afternoon break of fast-paced action I had in a while. Thanks for the organization! I hope we have more of these tournaments in the future!!”

A mindblowing trip with all members across LATAM meeting in person

One of the benefits that makes us feel most proud is our Ambassadors’ Week, an annual event in which we have the opportunity to meet in person, breaking the barriers of virtuality. We invite each BEONer to visit our HQ in Buenos Aires for a week, covering 100% of the accommodation and subsidizing 50% of the cost of the airfare. We plan after-work tours and activities to encourage participation, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet the team and allow you to form new connections. Learn more about this event by discovering all the details of the latest edition here. 

4.- Partnering with the most challenging and disruptive projects 

At BEON, we appreciate the individuality of our team members and prioritize their safety and well-being. We carefully choose projects that not only challenge our engineers with tasks, but also align with important causes. This ensures that our devs feel secure and confident in their work every day.

We believe in fostering a deep commitment from each BEONer to each project, ensuring that these are not only opportunities to develop code of the highest quality, but also platforms for personal and professional growth.

By developing challenging and purposeful projects, we create an environment in which our devs are not only committed, but eager to seek and take advantage of growth opportunities within their projects.

“I have been given a leadership role in the project and in the team, something I did not expect at the beginning. I always felt the responsibility to give my all and being given a leadership role makes me feel like I am able to grow professionally. In addition to that, at a technology level the project also pushes me a lot to be aware of the latest in order to be able to apply it and improve internal issues. The experience I have at BEON has helped me grow a lot as a professional.” — José Pablo Brotons.

Key takeaways

  • We create a hub of elite minds by creating a team that prioritizes commitment, growth, problem solving, and a positive attitude.
  • Our mission is to build a work culture that focuses on keeping devs motivated through career growth, unmatched perks, and a family-oriented environment.
  • You can also be part of a company recognized for its culture and work environment. 

If you are looking to propel your career to new heights is the right place, you can check out our open opportunities. Find the best remote jobs here and take the next step towards success!

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