3 Reasons to Hire Latin American Developers
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3 Reasons to Hire Latin American Developers

There have never been more reasons than there are today to consider sourcing software developers from Central and South America. If you manage a U.S.-based business, one of the smartest moves you can make is hiring software engineers from this region.

The 3 Winning Qualities of Latin American Software Development Talent

Here are three benefits we’ve experienced while working with them and a bonus track:

Excellent quality

Clearly, there are great — and not so great — resources everywhere. However, the educational systems of countries like Argentina, Colombia, Honduras, and Nicaragua are deeply rooted in the sciences. Education from primary school to college is also free of charge to everyone.

As a result, thousands of highly talented experts graduate as software engineers every year. Most of them coded for the first time in high school or even primary school.. These people have programming in their blood and it’s their vocation.

The vast amount of passionate talent available enables us to select elite developers through a unique pipeline we’ve built over the years that has helped many businesses tackle an upcoming shortage of cost-effective developers. Hence, today we have an army of top-notch resources ready to support   U.S.-based businesses. 

Loveable culture

The warm, enthusiastic culture of Latin America has many U.S.-based businesses captivated. Many companies outsource developers from this region because its people value self-improvement, which enables them to stay at the cutting edge of their areas of expertise.

Latin Americans work wholeheartedly, developing a personal interest in your goals. They see your company as something more than a source of income and they want to feel like a part of it. It’s normal for them to ask you about your vision and get out of the box to meet your expectations.

They also love providing honest feedback, unlike professionals from Eastern cultures, who tend to be more tepid in this area. Even the savviest engineers from other regions may have a hard time expressing their thoughts about the risks or possible failures of a project. This hesitancy could cost you efficiency and time. 

Overall, Latin Americans are familiar with and even share American culture. This cultural affinity prevents communication barriers that might otherwise occur.

Same time zone

Working with an overseas team can turn the tiniest of tasks into huge headaches. Nearshoring enables you to engage with your team during normal business hours and communicate seamlessly through Slack or team calls.

Different working hours can also make turnaround times a real problem, especially in software development. Eastern Europe (GMT+2) and India (GMT+5:30) are 10 and 13.5 hours respectively ahead of the Pacific time zone. So, if there’s any problem, you have to wait at least 16 hours to get it checked. We all know how dangerous a delay like this can be for a product with thousands of users waiting for a resolution. 

The greatest benefit

Latin America is a unique region, and there are many reasons to love it. Quality resources, hard-working professionals, the same time zone, and high ROI are just a few. But the main reason we love sourcing in this territory isn’t in any number or statistic but in the hearts of its people. 

Each team member gives their all to make every project successful, leaving a piece of themselves in every product. Honest, responsible, enthusiastic — that’s their DNA…and ours.

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