Our Most Valuable Resource
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Our Most Valuable Resource

Victoria Lembo By Victoria Lembo May 28, 2020

We have many assets, including the latest tools on the market to be more competitive, capital to support new projects, and a good reputation to back us up. But our most valuable resources, nurturing us with their different looks, are our people. They make us who we are.

How our HR department keeps the team happy

  • Maintain constant communication – During quarterly calls with each of our team members, we survey how they feel about their daily tasks and whether they feel comfortable with their project and team. 
  • Work on motivation – To diminish the distance between us and strengthen their motivation, we get to know each team member on a deeper level. By showing our willingness to help with any challenges they may face, we generate an environment of trust.
  • Listen to team members – When our people talk, we listen — to support them and find opportunities to improve. Some of our best initiatives have been the result of team member suggestions.
  • Working remotely – We take full responsibility for our members working remotely. This approach is cost-effective. It also boosts productivity by promoting more time with family, increasing work satisfaction.
  • Train constantly – We seek to help each of our devs expand their professional profile. We make it easy for team members to exchange knowledge through workshops and by sharing recommendations through a Slack channel.
  • Offer access to psychological therapy – Everyone has personal challenges at times, and we know that these issues can harm our work. That’s why we make therapy available at any time our team members need it.
  • Subsidize coworking – For some people, working from home can be uncomfortably lonely, which is why we offer the ability to work with others in a coworking space.

We are proud of the actions we’ve taken to keep our devs happy and productive. Yet we know we can always do more, so our goal is to improve every day, learning from each new member who joins our team. 

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