What’s so cool about Angular?
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What’s so cool about Angular?

If you google the benefits of Angular, you’ll find a ton of reasons that people use it. However, they may not resound with you because of their purely technical nature, as if Angular’s benefits were only noticeable by programmers. 

You may wonder, what’s in it for me and my business?

That’s a good question. To answer it, we’ve coherently compiled Angular’s benefits so you can see what your project can become if you use it.

Angular is time-efficient

Any business knows that time can be even more valuable than money. There are at least three ways Angular can make you more efficient.


If you think about it, every application depends on components. Maybe you want to create a website to survey customers. The website must include a header, sidebar, name box, etc. These items are the components of your web app.

Unlike traditional methods that involve developing every component of your app from scratch, Angular allows you to have easy-to-program structures that you can reuse. But how?

Angular makes components reusable with dependency injections, which allow you to define interactions between components as external elements. So, you can build the user interface with moving parts while also ensuring a smooth development process for programmers, keeping functionalities consistent, and giving a sense of cohesion to your UI. In other words, you get the best of both worlds!

Data binding

Data binding synchronizes data between the data source and the UI displaying data, enabling a two-way connection between visual elements and the data source. Angular has four types of data binding: string interpolation, property binding, event binding, and two-way binding. How does this benefit a project? 

First, by writing the code once and synchronizing it with the other app elements, programmers reduce the amount of code they have to write and make it more readable. This feature greatly impacts your team’s productivity.

Second, it makes small, tiresome changes easy to implement. When you change the data source, the visual elements automatically update, making custom attributes and custom views simple to implement.2

Easy testing

Testing with Angular is much easier because for two main reasons. First, testing utilities are tools that help you with all testing phases of your project. And second, unit testing is simpler because components are independent of each other.

Angular takes UX to a new level

Let’s be honest, creating a great user experience for the right audience is hard. However, just by improving user flow, you can enhance your interface.

For example, we are used to traditional web apps in which you click something and wait for the next page to load. But Angular takes a more user-focused approach, creating something known as single-page web applications.  

Single-page applications don’t update the entire page every time the user requests something. Instead, they just load the data required. Only data is transmitted back and forth, making it seem like the app resides on a single page, giving a sense of smoothness to the navigation.

We’ve all closed a website without even reading it because its loading time was painfully slow. Would you like that to happen to potential clients on your website? Of course, not, and Angular’s features can prevent it from happening, making you more competitive. 

Also, Angular’s use of directives allows developers to assign special behaviors to the Document Object Model (DOM) to create dynamic, high-performance HTML content.

Find great Angular developers

Finding the right professionals for your project while trying to meet deadlines can be challenging. Research, interviews, and adaptation take time and effort. 

We’ve already vetted and trained our highly skilled engineers and can deploy them to help with your project immediately. These elite professionals will offer valuable insight and integrate with your company’s mission. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you today.

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