The Path to Success: Work-Life Fit & Career Growth at
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The Path to Success: Work-Life Fit & Career Growth at

Imagine this: you’re about to embark on a vibrant project, a technological roller coaster that promises thrills & intellectual challenges. But just before you dive in, you realize that the environment you’ll be working in is super chaotic and 85% of the team is suffering from burnout.

Sounds terrible, right?

Now, imagine the opposite: a place where work-life balance is not just an empty promise, but a tangible reality. That’s our main incentive at putting our software engineers first. How? Let’s take a closer look.

Work-Life Harmony

In today’s world, where personal & professional lives often merge into one big mess, achieving a solid balance can feel like mission impossible.

Wifitalents reports that 77% of employees have experienced burnout at their current job. Clearly, a good work-life balance isn’t just a nice idea—it’s essential for your mental and physical well-being, not to mention your creativity & efficiency.

At, we get it. To be your best, you need to feel good both at work & in your personal life. That’s why we create an environment that respects & supports your needs, offering flexible schedules, health insurance, and mental health care options. Because, let’s be real, mental health is non-negotiable.

In words of Bruno Feitoza, senior software engineer at

“What I like most about is the excellent communication within the team. We can organize our own schedules, which is great because we work with people from various countries, and there’s no fixed time that works for everyone. This way, we have a more flexible schedule focused on deliverables rather than having to spend hours in front of the computer.”

On the other hand, Nicolas, Ruby on Rails Engineer at, said: “What strikes me most about working at BEON is the sense of partnership. It feels like having a partner in Latin America, a company that not only acts as an intermediary for working with clients but also accompanies you throughout the process. They support you during both high and low moments, which is invaluable.”

Disruptive Projects, The Adrenaline Rush for Developers

Looking to boost your career by adding real value through innovative projects? If you’re a developer who thrives on solving niche problems, adding features to platforms in education, healthcare, or automotive industries & you think strategically, is your place.

We connect you with U.S. companies that aren’t interested in the ordinary. Here, you’ll work with multidisciplinary teams on projects that are anything but dull, using the latest technologies & agile methodologies.

Growth? Our mark. According to Jose Brotons, software engineer at

“At, there are plenty of opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. It’s a place where you can truly develop in many aspects.”

A Multicultural Environment

At, you’ll meet folks from all over the continent. Collaborate with top-tier professionals from Latin America, each adding their own unique twist to the team. 

In the words of Luis Silva, software engineer at

“If I could recommend this company to anyone looking to join, I’d say it’s a welcoming environment, regardless of your nationality. Even though I am Brazilian, there are many Brazilians here, which is a significant advantage for me, and I would recommend it to everyone.”

This multiculturalism lets you connect with experts from various countries, perfect for swapping knowledge & point of views. Plus, you’ll sharpen those communication and collaboration skills—essential for any respected development team.

Fun Activities, Even in Remote Settings

Fun isn’t an afterthought here. In fact, we excel at it.

Our Culture team crafts activities ranging from online gaming leagues to Ambassadors Week—a grand event where developers from across LatAm converge in Buenos Aires to collaborate, enjoy city tours, partake in drink nights & revel in Company Day festivities.

“My experience visiting Buenos Aires HQs was lively. I mean, they visit us from many places, and all they have different things to contribute, it has been quite cheerful. We have gone out a lot, we have seen a lot – both in the office with everyone and places here in Buenos Aires. So yeah, it’s really good.” said Alejandro Fabrega, software engineer at

These activities cultivate genuine connections among team members, defying the challenges of our predominantly remote environment.

Quality Clients, The Fine Wine of the Tech Industry

Let’s talk about clients. Few things are worse than offering your talent to a company that fails to appreciate it.

At, we partner with U.S. companies that seek exceptional software developers. These organizations are committed to hiring elite talent & recognize the value of investing in their teams. This means you’ll have the chance to work with highly professional clients who not only appreciate your work but are also eager to provide you with the tools & guidance to excel.

Cesar Bonilla, software engineer at, said: “One of the reasons I decided to join is they had clients from the United States with very challenging projects. And that was what I was looking for, challenges”.

Remote Work as a Top Priority 

As a “remote-first” company, you have the chance of working from your own country. To guarantee you possess everything necessary, we’ll provide all the equipment for a comfortable work experience with the latest technology. 

All our developers use Macs & receive a stipend to personalize their setup to their heart’s content.

In-House English Lessons & Courses

Continuous training in both your tech stack and innovation is non-negotiable for developers. At, we are committed to fostering perpetual growth. We provide unlimited access to courses & a training budget to ensure your learning never ceases.

Additionally, we value knowledge sharing. You are encouraged to write blog posts, create social media content, or even conduct webinars—all compensated, of course. We believe the IT community is essential, and we want you to be an integral part of it.

Our commitment doesn’t end there. Recognizing the importance of communication, we offer in-house English classes to help you speak with clients as if you were a native speaker. Even if your English is already impeccable, these classes can help you stay sharp & clear-headed. Plus, classes with Billy are an absolute delight.

So, What Are You Waiting For? isn’t just an IT staffing company; it’s where opportunities come to roost and futures get brighter. 

We prioritize work-life balance and professional growth because, believe it or not, developers do best when they’re not burning out. If you’re ready to level up in a place with real challenges, a dev-first culture, and top-tier projects, is the spot. 

We’ve got a few open positions—one might just have your name on it.

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