How AI Talent Platforms are Improving the Dev Hiring Landscape
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How AI Talent Platforms are Improving the Dev Hiring Landscape

Nowadays, there are plenty of AI software solutions available to address the challenges that companies face. And it’s no different in tech recruiting. In fact, the tech hiring strategy is being reinvented right before your eyes. How? With exceptional digital talent platforms.

However, it’s important to note that not all talent acquisition platforms are equal. Sometimes, finding a quality one can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’re not entirely sure about your exact requirements for the position. And trust me, the last thing you’d want is to unintentionally hire professionals who may not be the right fit for your needs.

But don’t worry, I’m here to introduce you to a new approach.

In this post, I’ll share:

  • The consequences of using traditional talent acquisition platforms for hiring software developers.
  • A new type of approach for finding the right tech talent quickly without compromising quality and its 4 key benefits.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

The Old Way of Hiring Tech Talent: Tedious Processes and Extra Manual Work

Why are some recruitment and hiring talent platforms outdated and inefficient? The answer is quite simple:

  • The amount of available candidates can be overwhelming. This leads companies to waste resources and energy, filtering out the most qualified ones for the position they’re looking to fill.
  • The most efficient talent is not hired because technical assessments are not properly tailored to each candidate’s skill set. 
  • The support team for these talent matching platforms is not specialized in tech talent. 
  • Sometimes, software developers can be located in different time zones, which makes real-time collaboration challenging.

These issues result in a number of consequences:

  • Companies are forced to go through extensive interview processes to verify freelancers’ backgrounds.
  • They must carefully and strategically filter through hundreds of candidates.
  • They may invest a significant amount of time in a candidate who fails to meet expectations.
  • In some cases, companies may hire candidates only to discover that they are not performing well on projects.

You might be thinking, “Filtering through the best candidates is a manual task… that’s just part of my job, it has always been my job.”

That may be true.

But consider this: what if hiring a senior software developer for a project wasn’t a high-pressure situation?

What if you could dedicate more time to crafting an enticing offer to the top candidates on that list?

What if all parties involved were clear about whether to proceed with the selection process, and it was easier to achieve hiring goals?

These are just some of the cons of using traditional recruitment platforms: insufficient information about the candidate’s background and current skills, limited time to focus on the best talent, and a lack of tools to advance in the process smoothly

Fixing these issues are extremely important when hiring highly qualified professionals and have a significant impact on the budget. 

Take a look at this: staffing costs alone make up 70% of a company’s budget.

So yes, especially in today’s evolving market conditions, hiring on time and within budget is crucial. In essence, it’s a fundamental task to meet business objectives.

The Approach: Strategic and Aligned Software Developer Hiring Process introduces a new approach to hiring software developers by unifying tech assessments and processes while promoting long-term relationships through a solid talent retention strategy.

Instead of overwhelming you with numerous candidates, allows you to access the most suitable ones with their background information on a single platform. In other words, it enables you to discover and hire skilled software developers who have been thoroughly vetted. That way, you’re starting with accurate data.

Want to hire experienced tech talent without the recruitment hassle?
Register here to connect with top-tier software developers. 

Essentially, digital talent platforms such as help to address the common challenges associated with recruiting highly skilled software developers. These platforms offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Combining the power of AI with the expertise of human resources
  • Providing access to a pool of pre-screened, exceptional technology talent
  • Streamlining and improving the hiring process timeline
  • Facilitating the development of long-term relationships with developers

Let’s take a closer look.

Combine the Power of AI with the Expertise of Talent Experience Managers 

Talent discovery platforms combine the power of AI-driven matching algorithms with the expertise of talent experience managers.

With the help of AI technology, you can not only find senior talent online – you can also rest assured that all candidates are matched precisely to the roles and positions you need to fill. Yes, no more wasting time filtering out unqualified candidates. 

For instance, if you’re looking for a React Native developer, the platform allows you to filter and find the most suitable matches in a matter of seconds.

How? This is how it works on’s talent platform: 

Once you have identified candidates who meet your requirements, you can contact a dedicated matching specialist directly through the platform. They’ll guide your hiring decisions and support you throughout the next steps.

Get Access to a Pool of Pre-Vetted, Exceptional Tech Talent 

According to a survey, 40% of organizations used skills-based hiring in 2023, a 20% increase from last year.

If you also believe that skills-based hiring is a better alternative to traditional resumes, using a talent matching platform is for you. It provides access to a large pool of exceptional talent.

What’s more, it’s also possible to thoroughly explore each candidate’s profile and gain valuable insights into their capabilities.

On’s platform, each candidate’s profile includes a concise description, a resume, and a detailed assessment of their tech skills.

The resumes of candidates highlight their qualifications, cultural competencies, technical expertise, work experience, and education.

On the other hand, technical skill assessments equip you with:

  • A deep overview of developers’ technical skills, including detailed coding exercises and feedback on technical Q&A.
  • Technical scores and noteworthy highlights, such as logical and critical thinking abilities or time management capabilities.
  • A brief of developers’ core abilities assessment to determine cultural alignment. 

By leveraging this information, you can tap into curated Latin American tech talent and make informed hiring decisions, empowering your company to excel in every project.

Streamline and Enhance Your Time-to-Hire

Enhance your time-to-hire by shortlisting candidates aligned with your hiring goals. 

Once you’ve identified candidates, dedicated matching specialists of the platform will reach out to schedule an initial meeting and kickstart the hiring process.

For example, with, you can monitor the progress of each candidate as they move through every stage, from the initial shortlisting to the interview process, and even the final decision-making (such as process approval or not proceeding) – all conveniently within a single source of truth.

Plus, you don’t need to be involved in every step of the recruitment process. Instead, you can schedule interviews with candidates who have successfully reached the final stages. 

Concerned about onboarding? Upon your approval, our matching specialists will handle all contractual matters, payments, and necessary hardware, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding experience.

To sum things up, our talent discovery platform will be able to connect with the perfect addition to your tech team through a skill-based hiring approach. It will help you notably optimize the time spent on screening, recruiting, and even onboarding candidates.

Cultivate Long-Term Relationships with Developers, Ensuring Continued Success 

Great tech talent platforms typically provide benefits and growth opportunities to improve software developers’ experience. But why?

According to a LinkedIn survey, the #1 motivation for employees to learn is “progress toward career goals.” Thus, many companies are now prioritizing career development strategies, involving developers in ambitious projects, and assigning managers to improve agility and commitment.

With’s talent experience platform, each developer has a dedicated Talent Experience Manager (TEM) to enhance their motivation, engagement, and commitment. 

This support involves:

  • Onboarding Assistance: We provide support in setting up environments, and introducing them to our teamwork methodology, stakeholders, peers, and leaders. We also address their task load, work-life balance, and clarify their responsibilities.
  • Continuous Feedback: We consistently monitor the performance, motivation, and engagement of our team members. Through open communication and active improvement-seeking, we aim to create an environment that promotes talent development.
  • Semester Reviews: In order to set next steps, we conduct developers’ performance evaluations every six months led by the TEM. These reviews deeply assess their technical and soft skills, incorporating feedback from the TEM, engineers, and clients.

By implementing this talent experience framework, our goal is to create a positive work environment that fosters employee growth, increases productivity, and ultimately enhances talent retention. 

Most importantly, we aim to connect with passionate developers who are eager to surpass expectations and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Break Free From The Shackles of Unreliable Hiring Methods, Focus on Solid Skills

At, we value more than just resumes – we prioritize proven capabilities. 

Instead of relying solely on past performance, our tech talent platform showcases the most skilled software developers from Latin America, highlighting their current expertise in specific programming languages.

Moreover, we ensure that they have all the necessary resources to work with passion and enthusiasm, while providing the support they need to further enhance their skills.

By doing so, we not only alleviate the hiring challenges that companies often encounter, but also effectively mitigate attrition.

Want to see it in action? Discover our AI talent platform and witness the difference.

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