Top 5 best digital talent platforms to hire software developers in 2023
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Top 5 best digital talent platforms to hire software developers in 2023

In a recent global survey, 29.14% of HR professionals from larger enterprises stated that they were looking to hire up to 50 software developers in 2023, while a whopping 47.74% of respondents, with more medium sized teams, were looking to hire around 10 developers this year. 

With that in mind, where could medium sized business owners find top-rated software developers to hire according to their affordability and size needs in 2023? Here, we’ll discuss the five best platforms to hire software developers in 2023, including their pros and cons, and a few tips to choose the one that suits you best.

Upwork— The ultimate freelancing digital talent platform

Upwork is a digital talent platform that connects freelance software developers with businesses all around the world. You can post projects you need professionals for, and they will answer you with proposals for said projects. You can also hire freelancers directly from the platform by posting a job.


  • Fast: By placing great emphasis on convenience and speed, Upwork strives to simplify the procedure of recruiting remote developers. Which is why they are constantly adding new freelance developers to their digital talent platform. 
  • Uncommitted: If you’re looking to hire talent without commitment and for a specific, temporary role, Upwork is the perfect digital talent platform for you, as it allows you to request the job, get the results, and make the payment in a quick and formal exchange. 
  • Many options: Upwork is considered one of the best digital platforms to hire software developers because it counts with a large number of talented developers ready to make the job, from a vast range of expertise in many fields, including QA, DevOps, and Mobile development.


  • Lower quality and culture of devs: Because Upwork is a free-for-all talent-matching platform, it may not be the most suitable choice for important projects that demand not only a specific skill set, but also a set of soft skills needed to work with other team members.
  • Communication and coordination challenges: The digital talent platform’s focus is on providing professionals that can do the job, so if you want to hire remote developers that are time-zone aligned and work seamlessly with your team for a medium to long term period, Upwork could not be the best platform to achieve this. 
  • Continual Assistance and Surveillance: Following the pairing of the developer, the extent of continual support and monitoring is vital, this is hard to achieve for a fully-freelance digital talent platform like Upwork. So there could be issues regarding the degree of ongoing involvement from the developers hired through Upwork.—A Seamless Platform to Discover Custom-Fit, Remote Developers is the best platform to hire remote software developers that have demonstrated academic excellence, seniority and technical expertise. These engineers are also time-zone aligned and affordable. Beyond typical talent-matching platforms, goes the extra mile by managing employment contracts, tax compliance, payroll management, U.S. and international regulations.

To guarantee that these highly-qualified devs stay for the long term and with maximum productivity, the platform also provides all team members with a career-oriented experience, competitive benefits, and all the technical equipment needed.


  • Highly personalized match: This Latin America talent platform has a vast list of freshly vetted talent. It allows you to review cultural and technical insights to get a better understanding of each candidate’s skills. You can schedule a meeting to get the process started. The submit-to-hire ratio is 3:1.
  • Talent Experience Management Program: Each developer you choose comes with a Talent Experience Manager that uses their special training and leadership skills to assess the career satisfaction and goals of the developer to ensure motivation and long term loyalty stemming from a win-win partnership. 
  • Ready-to-go: This platform offers fully vetted senior talent online. With your approval, they’ll handle contracts, payments, and hardware to provide you with a quick yet outstanding and smooth addition to the team.
  • Top 3% talent:’s talent discovery platform helps you find top-tier software developers, allowing you to scale your team on demand according to your needs. They exclusively feature the top 3% of fully vetted Latin American talent, enabling you to hire senior-level talent online quickly and easily.


  • No mass hiring: specializes in hiring thoroughly vetted, first-class talent. They focus on the quality rather than the quantity. Because of this, if you need to hire 50 developers of varying quality for an immediate project, they may not be the best suit.
  • Long-term commitment: All of’s developers are highly-motivated and career-oriented, as well as culturally vetted to measure their commitment to supporting the partner they will be matched with. Because of this, if you’re looking for a quick end-to-end solution for the short term, this platform may not be able to provide the results you need. 

Codementor—The best consultancy and advisory digital talent platform

Codementor is a well-known talent acquisition platform and one of the best platforms to hire software developers for consultancy, mentorship, MVP creation, and assessments. 100% focused on sharing crucial development knowledge to businesses and also delivering quality results to end-to-end projects, Codementor is dedicated to giving businesses the power to put their ideas and visions into reality with quality software development.


  • Expertise-based results: The platform’s specialties are on-demand code reviews, building features for existing products, and creating MVPs. Because of this, if you have a clear project with need for expert opinions, feedback, and help, Codementor could be the perfect platform for you.
  • Flexibility and variety: Codementor allows business owners to hire developers for a vast variety of purposes and project types. Because Codementor is a freelancing platform, it has a larger pool of developers from different backgrounds that are interested in short term projects, all with different skills and expertise.
  • Highly skilled developers: The developers available on the IT talent discovery platform slide through a funnel of vetting filters that assess a wide range of skills, so companies can find the perfect candidate, taking their project needs into account.


  • No long-term solutions: Though freelance developers are the best suit for some businesses, the exclusivity of this modality means that those who need developers for long-term projects and permanent maintenance may not be able to find their solution on this platform.
  • High costs: Depending on the kind of project and your unique needs, you may find that the expenses incurred by using Codementor’s services are on the higher end, this has made some opt for more affordable solutions that also provide high quality and long term reliance. 
  • Platform learning curve: Mastering the intricacies of the talent platform could be a challenge for certain individuals, especially those who lack familiarity with it. It may take some time to adapt to the user interface, grasp the process of finding and arranging mentorship sessions, and effectively maneuver through the platform.—A digital talent platform to match freelancers with enterprises is one of many dedicated digital talent platforms that links companies with software developers to fulfill their project requirements. Well-known for its modality of providing remote software engineers for freelancing and direct hiring, has professionals who are accessible for both brief and extended collaborations.


  • Made for large enterprises:  Companies like Amazon, Tesla, and Cisco get their talent from, so all businesses playing on the big leagues needing a boost in elite talent can get high quality professionals through this platform. 
  • Highly technically skilled: has a strict vetting system in place to ensure that only highly skilled developers become part of their network. 
  • Culturally matched candidates: The platform’s focus on openness, professionalism, and effective teamwork makes it an invaluable asset for businesses wanting to enhance their software development capabilities by collaborating with seasoned experts from different parts of the globe.


  • Pricing: Despite the availability of equally skilled developers on other best platforms to hire software developers,’s pricing for hiring software developers is relatively expensive in comparison to other platforms.
  • Limited developer pool: Although concentrates on carefully selecting a network of exceptionally talented developers, a few users have indicated that the platform’s pool of developers can be more limited when compared to larger platforms. This could potentially restrict the choices when searching for the ideal developer match.

Gigster—End-to-end, cloud-assembled digital talent platform

Gigster is a fixed price self-serve onboarding platform that’s focused on helping companies recruit software developers and do so with automated methods in an accelerated environment. We could say that Gigster’s trademark is delivering complete projects from start to finish, including MVPs and fixed-price projects.


  • Variety: Businesses can choose to provide their project requirements, and Gigster’s platform matches them with a team of proficient developers, designers, and project managers who collaborate to turn the project into reality. 
  • Efficiency: With Gigster’s proficient team and efficient project management tools, it is a compelling choice for companies aiming to swiftly convert their software ideas into tangible products.
  • End-to-end: Gigster specializes in delivering a full team and a completed project in record time. So if you need to develop and deploy your vision from start to finish in a short period of time, Gigster has the best resources to do so. 


  • Lack of sufficiently personalized service: Because Gigster works using a project delivery service, this could make some business owners feel the need to have more flexibility when choosing specific team members or customizing the process of development to suit their needs and preferences.
  • Pricing: In comparison to other platforms that are among the best platforms to hire software developers in 2023, Gigster is in the higher range of prices, despite the aforementioned issue with personalization, which could make some opt to choose other partners to meet their IT talent needs.
  • Quality consistency: Because Gigster aims for speed, automation of processes, and a per-project approach to talent matchmaking, the quality and reliability of the talent provided may vary according to the team.

How to know which of the best digital talent platforms is the one for you

Whether you’re looking for highly skilled software developers with experience in React Native, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, or even in .NET, to decide which is the best platform to hire software developers for you, you need to keep in mind these factors:

  • Motivation: The best platform to hire software developers should proactively address attrition problems by focusing on the growth and wellbeing of the developers, which in turn improves their motivation and performance and ultimately benefits the company as a result.
  • The value of affordability: Both in times of economic growth and recession, affordability is a key factor when hiring software developers for both large enterprises and disruptive startups. Because of this, pricing should be a decisive factor in choosing an adequate platform.
  • Time-zone aligned: If the platform doesn’t provide developers that are aligned with your time-zone, you are at risk of communication issues due to the time difference. And if there is a significant time difference between you and the remote developer, it may be difficult to coordinate meetings during crucial moments or have real-time communication. 
  • Legal compliance:  A good talent matching platform should be transparent regarding their compliance with international regulations and other legal requirements. A platform that offers to take this off your plate while also keeping transparency is one to treasure.
  • Quality: There’s nothing worse than the cost of making a bad hire. Because of this, the platform you choose should be known for the quality of its professionals in all levels. 

While choosing the best platform to hire software developers may seem challenging, by keeping these factors in mind, you can choose one that suits your needs and provides talent that can seamlessly integrate with your team and start delivering results for your company in no time. 

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