AI in Recruiting: 5 Ways to Use Automation to Improve Your Tech Recruiting
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AI in Recruiting: 5 Ways to Use Automation to Improve Your Tech Recruiting

As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, recruiters are increasingly adopting AI-powered tools to hire more accurately, efficiently, and fairly. By automating repetitive tasks, these tools help to save valuable time every day.

This is especially important in the highly competitive IT recruiting market, with a constant struggle to find and engage experienced candidates.

If you’re not already using AI in your recruiting process, I think it’s worth your time. As it turns out, artificial intelligence is helping IT recruiters win the race for getting top tech talent.

In this article, I’ll explore the most common AI tools that can help you streamline your recruitment process. But first, let’s see what makes recruited automation software advantageous for hiring software developers. 

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Why is AI in Recruiting Beneficial for Hiring Software Developers?

As you know, efficiency plays a crucial role in recruiting software developers. IT recruiters must find elite talent quickly while keeping them engaged and on board during and after the process.

However, that is usually time-consuming since recruiters do a lot of work before contacting potential hires, from writing job descriptions and screening candidates to scheduling interviews. 

Thankfully, AI in recruiting can make all the difference here.

According to Tidio data, 67% of recruiters and HR workers believe that AI provides numerous recruitment advantages. Moreover, about 85% of recruiters think AI is an effective technology that can replace some recruiting tasks.

So, AI in recruiting is especially beneficial for:

  • Simplifying the recruiting process by automating job descriptions, resume screening, and interview scheduling.
  • Accurately and efficiently screening candidates through programming skill assessments by requiring that candidates demonstrate their competence through a short test. 
  • Reducing conscious and unconscious human biases by focusing only on relevant skills and attributes.
  • Improving candidates’ experience and employer brand by providing fast interview scheduling, instant feedback, and better communication at each touchpoint.
  • Building a killer tech talent pool with AI recruitment software that identifies the most suitable candidates for each role based on a range of criteria and prediction models.

AI-powered tools let IT recruiters get the best software developers in less time, maintaining high-quality standards. Meanwhile, recruiters can focus on optimizing candidates’ engagement and ensuring a smooth onboarding process so they can start delivering value in no time. The results? More revenue, lower costs, and better profits.

But what would an ideal AI recruitment tech stack look like? In the next section, I’ll share five essential ways to leverage the power of AI in recruiting.

AI in Recruiting: 5 Must-Know Tools Tech Recruiters Need

There are multiple AI tools worth using for recruitment automation. However, we’ve narrowed the list to five you shouldn’t miss.

For AI in tech recruiting, you should definitely use:

  • A robust AI writing assistant
  • An AI-powered resume analysis tool
  • An assessment solution
  • Built analytics 
  • A powerful tech talent-matching platform

Let’s take a look at each one.

A Robust AI-Writing Assistant

AI writing assistants can help you generate ideas for simplifying job descriptions, answering frequently asked questions about the position or the company, tailoring outreach messages, and crafting interview questions based on candidates’ experience and role requirements. You can also rewrite content more compellingly or even create it from scratch.

However, it is important to consider that these tools can introduce inconsistencies without the proper prompts. Therefore, make sure to include the following:

  • Clear guidelines.
  • All the necessary information is to be included in the content piece.
  • Your company’s type and target audience.
  • The desired tone and writing style.

Finally, remember to double-check the output and make improvements if necessary.

I recommend using AI writing assistants as a first draft but adding your personal touch. And remember not to include sensitive information about candidates, as it might become publicly available.

The most popular AI writing assistant tools include Jasper, Grammarly, and GPT-4.


Jasper is a robust content writing tool that utilizes machine learning algorithms to create human-like content pieces. It’s especially useful for marketing purposes, as it can understand context and generate diverse content types that flow naturally.

What customers say 

“Thanks to Jasper’s advanced technology, I’m able to write confidently and optimize my workday.”

Jordan Eugenio, Talent Brand Manager, Cambly

An AI-Powered Resume Analysis Tool

If you have many IT candidates to assess, AI-based resume analysis might be a good option for accurate and efficient resume screening.

These tools can be useful for:

  • Analyzing resumes based on keywords, skills, and experiences relevant to the job opening 
  • Identifying top candidates and predicting their potential sources of employment
  • Preventing unconscious biases

But no system is flawless. AI-powered resume analysis tools analyze CVs superficially, guided by keywords or specific phrases. They’re very practical for filtering out spam candidates, but I recommend considering another candidate screening solution as well.


Ideal is a screening tool that helps companies screen thousands of candidates in seconds and reduce time-to-fill. Ideal’s algorithm also continuously improves based on recruiter feedback.

What customers say

“[With Ideal] we are able to engage with the right candidates quickly and move along the recruiting process more efficiently.”

Bimla S, Product Owner 

A Skill Assessment Platform 

As the pool of IT candidates proliferates, screening them can become more challenging for employers. That’s why skill assessment platforms play a crucial role in modern recruiting.

By using the right AI skill assessment tools, you can:

  • Guarantee authentic scores of tech candidates, providing a detailed evaluation of skills and abilities.
  • Streamline developer screening and online interviews
  • Randomize questions and incorporate anti-cheating features to ensure test security and provide each candidate with their own version.

There are several companies that supply different types of skills assessments, such as TestGorilla and eSkill. However, I recommend specific platforms like Codility or CodeSignal for coding skills.


Codility is a powerful interview and coding test platform that assists in hiring experienced developers, evaluating programming skills, and keeping them engaged with in-depth coding tests, interactive pair-programming sessions, and gamified coding events.

What customers say 

“Codility enables us to shorten the feedback loops between the stakeholders. By solving the paint points by digitizing one piece of the puzzle – the technical assessment. Today, we bring the best talent into the organization by being agile and flexible.”

Cellou Diallo, Head of Engineering, Swift

Built-in Analytics

Most recruiting tools include built-in analytics features. This gives you actionable insights and rich data so you can streamline your job postings and improve your tech talent acquisition process.

LinkedIn Recruiter 

Besides helping find passive and job-seeking candidates, LinkedIn Recruiter also lets talent sourcers and recruiters find and track metrics on candidates so you know they’re aligned with your hiring goals.

What customers say

“LinkedIn Recruiter has been incredibly valuable in hitting passive candidates. I’ll send InMails that reinforce the fact that I’m the hiring manager and get a response rate of 34%. That’s well worth my while.”

Jason Gurney, Hiring Manager, Zillow Group

A Powerful Talent-Matching Platform 

If you’ve used digital talent platforms like Upwork, you probably know the struggles of sifting through many offers that don’t align with your tech hiring goals. Moreover, the lack of freelancers’ background checks and poor customer support can lead to wasted time and frustration. Even worse, these platforms have talent in multiple disciplines, so they don’t just prioritize software development hiring and its respective filters.

Luckily, tech talent-matching platforms have arrived to tackle these issues. These talent hubs use AI-powered algorithms to connect your company with exceptional software engineers. 

Nevertheless, AI is not the sole remedy. It’s important to mention that the talent-matching platforms that work better for tech recruiters are those that synergize AI technology with the expertise of talent management specialists.

Why, you may wonder?

Among the benefits of this combination include:

  • Hiring top software developers pre-vetted for English competency, experience, and technical background.
  • Finding developers with expertise in various coding languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, React, and more, including detailed interviews and technical assessment reports to determine their skill level.
  • Getting experienced and culturally aligned software engineers in less than four weeks.
  • Streamlining paperwork, talent retention, HR, contracts, taxes, compliance, and payroll – let HR, talent experience, and accounting professionals handle the behind-the-scenes tasks.

That way, you can say goodbye to searching for writing assistants, screening tools, or skill assessment platforms – tech talent matching platforms have it all.

If you want to find top-performing candidates quickly and on a budget, tech talent-matching platforms are your definitive solution. With their services, you can easily connect with the most suitable software developers, enabling your company to thrive in each project. is a technology candidate sourcing platform that helps U.S. companies hire the top 3% of Latin American talent with similar time zones, and excellent technical and soft skills. 

How? combines Latin America’s most thoroughly vetted software developers, matched by AI-powered technology, so you can connect professionals who have the right skills and experience for the job.

What customers say

“’s support has streamlined the client’s development capabilities, helping them save a significant amount of time and money. They ensure effective collaboration despite working remotely. Their extensive pool of qualified, high-quality resources ensure a successful and fruitful partnership.“

Robert Anderson, CTO, Olivine, Inc.

Take Your Tech Recruitment to The Next Level  

In this post, I have covered 5 essential recruitment automation software that you should use to streamline your IT recruiting process. AI in recruiting is crucial for automating recruitment assets, optimizing recruiters’ workload, and ultimately reducing time-to-fill.

However, recruitment automation isn’t foolproof. Without proper training and updates, AI tools can introduce errors and biases. So, don’t let automation run wild.

Remember, while these tools are valuable, they can never replace the expertise and judgment of talent acquisition professionals. 

That’s why’s talent platform is a game-changing solution for IT recruiters.

Our tech talent-matching platform combines the expertise of talent acquisition professionals with AI-powered technology. It enables your company to find and hire candidates who have already been vetted by talent matching specialists, all in the same place. Thus, you can rest assured that you get quality engineers who possess the exact skills needed for the job.Curious? Get started on our platform for free today!

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