How to ace your first job interview for a U.S. company.
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How to ace your first job interview for a U.S. company.

Worldwide, the IT industry is growing at full speed; developers, software engineers, architects, and data scientists, are in high demand. Everybody wants to be part of this revolutionary industry, especially if it means having a job interview for a U.S. company.

Thanks to virtuality, today we can work from the comfort of our homes, for companies on the other side of the world. But how do you get these types of positions? Beyond the job search, the most important part is the job interview!

Whether it is your first job interview, or if you have already participated in several selection processes, being well prepared is always a great help, not only to know how to act during the interview but also to make sure we give our best first impression, highlighting our best skills and assertively commenting on the highlights of our previous experience.

Many factors come into play when facing a job interview, and to know how to demonstrate you’re fit for the job, it’s always good to ask previously what the hiring process will be like, and what type of interview is going to be carried out. For example, if there will be any type of exercise or coding challenge, how long will the meeting last, etc. Having these things clear from the get-go will help you prepare and know how to approach the call.

3 Steps to prepare for a job interview for a U.S. Company

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Once you know what the process will be like, you need to prepare yourself to know how to go through it. Here we share 3 simple steps to make sure you are calm and confident on your interview to show the business of your dreams how much of a good fit you are.

1. Be professional

One of the first things is to keep in mind that even if it is a virtual interview, you have to give it the seriousness of a traditional interview, since on the other side there is a hardworking person and their time is just as valuable as ours, added to the fact that you always want to make a good first impression.

To demonstrate professionalism, you must:

  • Be punctual, you can make sure of this by putting a reminder of the date and time while being aware of the time differences depending on your country.
  • Have a space free of interruptions or external noise
  • Make sure you have enough light and enough sound quality
  • Check that you have good internet

It’s important to learn all you can about the product or service the company produces and promotes. Even if the role isn’t directly related to the company’s product or service, you’ll still be helping them to achieve their goals. You don’t necessarily need to understand every detail, but you should have a basic understanding of the main products or services the company offers.

2. Do thorough research beforehand

Researching the company you’re applying to is an important part of preparing for an interview. It will help you deliver context for your interview conversations, and also when preparing thoughtful questions for your interviewers. You can read their website or use social media to find out more about their work ethic, vision, goals, and work environment.

Also, make sure to carefully read the requirements and skills necessary to work at the company. It’s important to read the job description carefully and make sure that you understand all the requirements, responsibilities, skills and experience that go along with it. It’s crucial that the job position you’re interviewing for is aligned with your career roadmap, because the company will want to establish a committed and long term relationship with you, and hence will talk with you about it on the call.

This will not only prepare you with thoughtful, targeted questions about the position during the job interview for a U.S. company that will impress the hiring manager, but it will also ensure that you’re truly qualified and prepared to tackle the responsibilities if you do get the job.

3. Prepare what you’re going to say in the job interview for a U.S. company

You won’t be able to predict all questions in an interview, there are a few common questions you can plan answers for. You could also create a pitch that summarizes who you are, what you do, and what you want.

To do this, you can review your resume, have a summary in mind of each experience to be able to comment on them without going too long, and know how to answer questions during the interview.

Keep in mind that you will be conversing with native U.S. speakers. An excellent way to ensure fluency is practicing before the call! That will help you know what areas you have more difficulty in and help you reinforce those skills you’re good at

Prepare a few questions, and select those that you consider most important, some of them may be answered during the interview, so take your time, listen carefully, and if there are any doubts, you can continue with your questions. For example, talent experience is an important topic for both team members and leaders nowadays, so you could raise a question about their view and values on the subject.

How to prepare for a job interview for a U.S. company: final words.

These tips are general, they adapt to any type of interview and are key to knowing how to perform. However, never forget that it will depend a lot on the type of process you are participating in, so it is good to know that beforehand.

Keeping these small details in mind will not only help you feel more assured but also reduce possible errors and as a result, feel more in control of the situation. You can’t know exactly what the interviewer or the company itself is looking for, but you can rest assured that the effort and time spent will help you demonstrate your best skills.

Something that you should always keep in mind is that being nervous before an interview is something to be expected, we all feel that way at some point in a situation like this. Remember that beyond the outcome of the interview, if you apply these tips and feel comfortable during the process, you’ll be better prepared for your dream opportunity!

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