How to hire .NET developers that exceed your expectations
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How to hire .NET developers that exceed your expectations

To hire .NET developers that exceed expectations, hiring a talented .NET coder is not enough. On top of the talent shortage, some candidates lack qualities like loyalty and transparency, and many developers leave the team pursuing a different type of project than what they were originally hired for. 

So, how can you hire .NET developers that not only meet your expectations, but are committed and have the soft skills you need? The answer is in how you approach the market.

How to find .NET developers with superior performance and long-term commitment

There is a lot more to see than technical qualifications when hiring a developer, which are already difficult to find in the current market.

See how looking for developers using traditional metrics makes you lose time and resources:

  • Good software developers are characterized by their ambitiousness, and they will follow the path that better suits their career goals, even if it means leaving your team quite early.
  • Asking them their career goals and motivations in advance isn’t advantageous because, as new techs can instantly appear, your newly onboarded developer may just realize they want to change paths, despite their prior comfort with your offer. 
  • Our vast experience on this market has taught us that candidate turn-downs, quiet quitting, and sudden resignations are shockingly common, even among great developers.

So, what’s the solution  for this? 

How can you find exceptional talent that stays with you long-term? 

By looking for remote .NET developers in other countries. It will not only give you access to an immeasurable pool of talent, but it also allows you to tap into .NET developers with diverse career goals.

The truth is, most developers, whether they are near you or not, are looking to work remotely and in a company that allows them to achieve their career goals. So why not use  this to your advantage?

.NET developers hourly rate worldwide

Salaries per hour in the US, the UK, LATAM, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia

Addressing the risks of hiring remote .NET developers from abroad

Hiring remote developers from abroad can present some challenges and risks that should be carefully considered.

One risk is the potential for communication issues due to the time difference. If there is a significant time difference between you and the remote developer, it may be difficult to coordinate meetings or have real-time communication. 

This can make it harder to stay on track with project deadlines and deliverables, and may also make it more difficult to build trust and establish a strong working relationship.

Another risk is the potential for differences in work styles and expectations. Remote developers may have different work habits and expectations. For example, many remote developers still expect to work during business hours, even if these aren’t the same as your business hours, which can lead to conflict and hard-to-measure productivity.

There is also a risk that the remote developer may not be fully committed to the project due to the lack of steady communication and feedback that result from the business owner and the in-house team not being available when they are and vice versa.

How to mitigate the risks of hiring remote .NET developers

As you may have already noticed, these issues primarily stem from poor coordination due to time zone differences. This is why nearshoring, or hiring software developers from countries with the same time zone, is becoming such a widely adopted practice.

Overseas teams can complicate even the simplest of jobs. Nearshoring, on the other hand, allows for easy communication during normal work hours, such as through Slack or team calls.

If your business is from the U.S. then Latin America would be the ideal region to hire .NET developers due to its time zone alignment. Compared to Chinese or Indian companies, (which have a time difference of approx. 13 hrs) working with Latin American .NET developers is much smoother in terms of coordination and productivity. 

Of course, you may be thinking  that, even though nearshoring is a good option, you have to think things through before  you start, as this means tapping into an unknown market. However, hiring .NET developers from Latin America is now incredibly easy. Let’s see why.

How to hire .NET developers from Latin America 

In today’s software development recruiting market, the only way to hire .NET developers from Latin America is by creating an appealing proposal. But crafting a truly competitive and attractive offer for top talent is difficult. 

The expectations .NET developers have regarding job proposals can be as rapidly changing as the software market itself. After the Great Resignation, developers’ views on work  flexibility, compensation and perks have been permanently altered and professionals are taking a firm stand, only approaching companies that make an offer that aligns with their goals.

How have we, at BEON, attracted the best Latin American .NET developers to connect them with disruptive companies like yours? 

We crafted a compelling offer of a great work environment, perks, and benefits, based on live feedback from many developers. Our Talent Experience Managers™ also create personalized career plans so developers can be satisfied with their career and aligned with your business goals.

This has allowed us to create a user-friendly talent platform that grants you access to our mine of rigorously vetted .NET talent. It simplifies finding the perfect developer for any project, letting you browse through candidates, review in-depth insights, and start scheduling intro meetings immediately.

How to choose the right recruiting partner to hire .NET developers

Nearshoring partners can get you access to many outstanding  Latin American .NET developers because they tap into vast Latin American software development communities that are outside the common job-hunting platforms.

If you’re trying to hire a dedicated NET developer with a recruiting company, you’ll notice that there are as many options as grains of sand on the seashore. So, how can you easily know which company is the best choice for you?

First, it’s important to look for a partner that cares about  the career goals of the LatAm developers and takes care of presenting you with a LatAm .NET developer whose  career goals are aligned with your product or business vision. You also want a nearshore partner that takes care of keeping the Latin American NET developers motivated and engaged. 

There are IT staff augmentation companies that have all these characteristics and are dedicated to providing you with motivated, committed, experienced, and available .NET developers from LatAm for the long run. So, by choosing a nearshoring partner that meets these criteria, you can focus on your own work, knowing that your remote team is being well taken care of.

Key takeaways to hire .NET developers

  • To hire .NET developers that are eager to provide great results for your project and are loyal is possible.
  • If your company doesn’t fit the career plan of your .NET developer, they will take the opportunity that better fits their needs, even if it means leaving your team quite early
  • You don’t just need expert knowledge to create an effective job description, you also need it to spread the word far enough
  • Nearshoring partners can get you access to many outstanding .NET developers
  • It’s important to choose a partner that takes care of keeping the developers motivated and engaged

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