Your quality checklist to hire senior Node.js developers
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Your quality checklist to hire senior Node.js developers

To hire senior Node.js developers gives your business a leg up on your competitors and boosts chances to successfully adapt to the ever-changing tech industry. 

Node.js developers are invaluable because they have one of the most diverse scopes in software development, including mobile app development, web apps, cross platform software, and real time services.

However, it’s well-known that there is a shortage of IT talent, and the people who can do the job are spread out around the world. This makes it hard for businesses to form a team of software engineers. 

Still, hiring the best Node.js developers comes with a series of benefits. In this article, we will go over some of the key facets of the software development industry and what you can do to hire the best Node.js developers for your business.

Hire a developer who has superior theoretical and practical knowledge of Node.js

Computer with strings of code on the screen

Why should you hire not only a great developer, but the best? For the same reason you want your business to stand out from your competitors. If your engineers have superior skills and capabilities than most on the market, your product will be better than most on the market. But how can you find outstanding latin american Node developers?

First, keep in mind that years of experience are not a guarantee that someone will have the skill to drive your project forward, as your vision and needs could be out of scope for the set of skills the candidate has cultivated over those years. That’s why you need to know exactly what you need from a technical standpoint and use it to evaluate potential fits.

Once you know your technical needs, the most useful way to evaluate the qualifications of a candidate is both a detailed theory assessment and a technical hands-on challenge. The theoretical framework is crucial because you want an expert who knows exactly what they’re talking about and how to explain it to others. 

The theory assessment can be done in the form of an online questionnaire, although we recommend doing it with a simple yet well prepared meeting, as this will allow the interviewer to evaluate what’s fresh on the candidate’s mind and how they react to unexpected questions.

After the assessment, why go through the effort of doing a technical challenge for each candidate? Because the most important trait for intelligence in software development is not creativity or technical knowledge, but problem-solving. 

The ability to find solutions to new issues that arise during development is what separates good engineers from the rest. New issues will constantly arise throughout development, so you want someone who can show an ability to turn a problem around and find a solution that most people wouldn’t see.

Onboard someone that’s more than a software developer, but a thought leader

It’s usually not a good idea to rely on one person to run everything in a business setting. Agile methods make it even more important to have a team that can work together and complement each other’s strengths. Look for someone who not only can do their job well, but also help others do theirs better.

A Node.js developer that stands out from the rest will not only be able to go along with the team, but will be an active communicator, know how to listen, support other people’s ideas, and provide their own in a respectful manner. 

They will also take deep interest in your business and won’t make decisions just based on their opinions, but rather understand your needs and act accordingly, working along with you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Does finding a bright and proactive Node.js developer like this sound impossible? It could be impossible, if you limit your search to Node.js developers who live nearby you and are willing to commute.

The truth is that, in the U.S. you will hire senior node js developers with difficulty, as the talent market is saturated with demand and supply isn’t enough, which constantly increases the cost to hire. But looking as close as Latin America will give you a completely different picture. Latin America has exceptional talent ready to give their all for your project.

Trying to hire a remote Node.js developer from Latin America may sound scary if you’re not familiar with the market, as the learning curve is high and there are a lot of factors to consider. 

But many business owners have solved this issue by getting help from a talent recruiting and management expert specialized in Latin American countries. Your partner should be able to understand the market and provide you with long lasting elite talent while you focus on your business.

In fact, at BEON, we’re used to finding gifted Node js developers for hire frequently thanks to our carefully crafted vetting process, which helps us match these exceptional and competitive professionals with the most disruptive businesses of the U.S.

Hire senior Node.js developers who’s career goals are aligned with your business goals

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Have you ever had a development team member quit with no apparent reason? It’s a hurtful experience that many business owners experience. What was the problem? In many cases, it was the lack of a professional challenge, or opportunities to grow.

Most professionals strive to achieve great things with their career and make plans about it. Some want to become team leaders, others want to increase the number of technologies they use, and others want to work on a project that has an impact on the world.

If you hire Node.js developer who has career goals that don’t align with your business goals, you could end up saying goodbye to your team member sooner than you’d like. How can you make sure you hire someone who’s aligned with your vision?

The most effective way to ensure long-lasting relationships with your Node.js developers is to implement a career alignment plan both in the recruiting process and after. The plan should include respectful questions that give an insight about the candidate’s career goals, and ways to provide professional growth in case an employed developer feels stuck on their career.

Find Node.js development talent that is truly motivated to work with you

Having a truly motivated candidate implies that they find your proposal fair, convenient and attractive. The Node.js developer feels that what you have to offer is the best for them. This motivates them to give their best for the project.

On the other hand, if you fail to detect that your candidate is dissatisfied with your offer in some way before onboarding them, it could lead to serious problems in the future, including low productivity on the development process and even negativity on the whole team. 

How can you know if your full time candidate is truly satisfied with all aspects of your proposal, including compensation, benefits, work modality, and more? 

To keep a developer satisfied from the moment they receive the proposal to the next months and years, you need a thorough understanding of the talent market. This deep knowledge will allow you to know what’s competitive and what are the things that developers look for the most in a proposal.

It’s usually very hard for a business to acquire the knowledge they need to manage the developer’s motivation and satisfaction quickly, which is why many use the help of a talent experience professional to manage both onboarding and maintenance of the relationship in the long term. 

Key takeaways

  • Look for a Node.js developer that stands out from their peers on both theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Choose a professional who’s an active communicator, knows how to listen, supports other people’s ideas, and provides their own in a respectful manner
  • Hire a Node js developer who’s career goals are aligned with your business goals
  • Make sure the candidate is truly satisfied with all aspects of your proposal, including compensation, benefits, and work modality

If you’re looking to hire senior Node.js developers in record time, consider getting help from a development talent partner

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