Argentina for Software Development Outsourcing: All U.S. Companies Need to Know
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Argentina for Software Development Outsourcing: All U.S. Companies Need to Know

Let me be direct: Argentina’s software developers are revolutionizing the tech industry. 

A few days ago, Jordan Belfort, a well-known behemoth in the sales industry, shared on his X account: “Just returned from Argentina and, as always, I’m absolutely blown away! Such a promising country with endless possibilities. Already planning my next trip back!”

But there’s more, he accompanied his words with a video highlighting Argentinian software developers:

“It’s got great people, educated people, natural resources. I have, all the tech team is Argentinian. Some of the best coders and hard workers.”

As the co-founder of a leading IT staffing company based in Argentina, I can totally empathize with Jordan’s point of view. 

Hiring software developers in Argentina means accessing quality, commitment, and professionals willing to go the extra mile. 

In this article, I’ll explain why Argentina is the definitive choice for software development outsourcing. 

I’ll cover:

  • A quick overview of the IT market in Argentina and its impact on software development outsourcing
  • Why U.S. companies should consider  hiring remote software developers from Argentina 
  • How to hire software developers in Argentina

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

IT Market in Argentina: A Quick Overview

According to Technavio, the Argentina Information Technology (IT) market is forecast to grow by USD 7.71 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.81% between 2023 and 2028. And it’s not difficult to see why.

Argentina is home to a large number of tech companies offering disruptive potential in Latin America. These companies’ innovation level and growth capability attract significant investments. 

Consider Satellogic, for instance: with 34 operational satellites in orbit, it is building the first scalable platform for high-resolution, low-cost Earth observation, receiving over 100 million dollars in funding. 

Similarly, companies like Lemon Cash, Agrofy, and Buenbit have secured investments exceeding 10 million dollars each.

And it’s not all about startups. Argentina also hosts successfully established tech companies like Mercado Libre, Tiendanube, and Ualá.

But, what does this mean for tech talent development? 

The working dynamics of both startups and established companies offer the best of both worlds: they allow tech talent to understand how to operate in agile environments while learning from industry leaders.  Additionally, companies like MercadoLibre hold masterclasses, seminars, and meetups that enable software developers to boost their knowledge.

The result? A skilled workforce that thrives in flexible environments and brings value fast.

Overall, Argentina is a country where tech talent is valued, hence software engineers can deliver premium solutions. But this is only one of the reasons. In the next section, I’ll explain why outsourcing tech talent from Argentina is a smart move for U.S. companies.

Why U.S. Companies Should Consider Argentina for Software Development Outsourcing

As you can see, Argentina has become one of the most promising destinations for hiring developers in Latin America. But why?

Hiring software developers in Argentina offers several advantages:

  • Time zone compatibility
  • Resilience & capacity to solve problems
  • Proficient English communication
  • Outstanding software developers optimized for your budget
  • Strong education system & skill set

Let’s take a closer look.

Time Zone Compatibility 

The tech industry thrives on constant feedback & agility, making in-sync working hours a top priority.

One of the key pros of hiring software developers in Argentina is their favorable time zone alignment with the U.S. Argentina operates on Argentina Time (ART), which is just one to three hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST), depending on daylight saving time changes.

This overlap in business hours means teams in the U.S. and Argentina can communicate in real-time. Instant feedback and quicker decision-making become possible, as well as seamless collaboration on projects. This reduces delays and makes sure deliverables are completed on time.

Resilience & Capacity to Solve Problems

Argentinian software developers are renowned for their dedication and teamwork. However, one of the standout reasons our partners choose to incorporate in-house developers from Argentina is their resilience and exceptional problem-solving abilities.

The fact is that they thrive in dynamic, fast-paced environments. Their ability to adapt to changing requirements and overcome unforeseen challenges makes them invaluable assets to any team. 

Additionally, due to their deep commitment to their profession, Argentinian software developers strive for high-quality outcomes. Regardless of the time required, they can handle problems efficiently, ensuring projects stay on track and meet deadlines.

Proficient English Communication

Most software engineers in Argentina speak English at a B2 to C2 level.

Specifically, Argentinians have the best English language proficiency in Latin America, according to the EF English Proficiency Index. Out of 113 countries, Argentina was ranked 28th globally and maintains high English competence.

This enables them to work with U.S. companies, communicating progress fluidly and participating in meetings with various team members. Furthermore, they foster a friendly and close-knit work culture.

Outstanding Software Developers Optimized for Your Budget 

Hiring high-quality software developers represents a significant investment. U.S. companies, however, can access senior or principal software developers from Argentina for an average of $103,200 to $121,200/year. 

Argentinian developers earning between $5,000 and $9,000 per month can maintain a high standard of living in Argentina. This allows U.S. organizations to access experienced talent while staying within budget.

Curious about the cost of hiring a developer elsewhere in Latin America? Check out this article on nearshore software development rates.

Strong Education System & Skill Set

Argentina has a high-quality, public, and free university system. It allows a large portion of the population to access top-tier education and get essential skills. According to Coursera’s 2024 Global Skills Report, Argentina ranks #8 regionally in skills, excelling in technology and data science.

Let’s see why:

  • According to QS World University Rankings, the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) ranks 9th among the best universities in Latin America. But it’s not just UBA. There are public universities across the provinces and in numerous cities that maintain high standards.
  • Additionally, the National Technological University trains professionals with a focus on engineering, offering comprehensive programs such as Systems Engineering. 
  • Argentina’s government also promotes talent development. For instance, the government of the city of Buenos Aires organizes an event called “Connecting Tech Talent” aimed at deepening the use of tools that streamline and optimize processes in various startup areas. At these events, software engineers also have the opportunity to participate in business talks led by founders.
  • Many local companies contribute to this training by building developer communities through industry-specific meetups and events. 

Argentina’s commitment to accessible, top education and strong support for tech talent development positions the country as a leader in global education & tech sectors. This approach equips software engineers with:

Thinking of tapping into the talent of software developers across multiple Latin American countries? You might be interested:

How to Hire Software Developers in Argentina

We’ve already covered the five unmatched advantages of choosing Argentinian software engineers for U.S.-based companies. Now, let’s discover how to hire remote software developers from Argentina.

Leverage Tech Talent-Matching Partners

Tech talent-matching partners, also known as IT staffing companies, typically have a platform with a comprehensive pre-vetted talent pool.

Why are they a great provider? Essentially, they save you the entire hiring process by ensuring you get the top 3% of Latin American talent. This is done through in-depth interviews and technical assessments tailored to your hiring requirements.

Due to their cultural proximity, these services quickly attract top Argentinian developers, boosting their motivation and commitment. 

How do tech talent matching partners achieve this? Nurturing employees’ engagement through professional development programs and team-building efforts.

But that’s not all. They also handle contracts, paperwork, equipment, and the overall talent experience. All this by having compliance experts on board that allow the projects to be developed under strict security standards.

Tech talent-matching partners from Latin America are ideal if:

  • You and your team don’t have time to manage talent sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding.
  • You want the Argentinian developers at your company to stay for a long time.
  • You’re looking to scale your tech team on time and within budget.

If you want to avoid recruitment hassle and hire elite Argentinian developers, tech talent-matching platforms are the way to go.

Hire a Direct Contractor

If you prefer to hire software developers from Argentina without third parties, you can opt for a direct contractor. For this, I recommend using LinkedIn Recruiter since it allows you to find and filter candidates easily.

However, it’s important to note that hiring a contractor through your internal team means starting from scratch with the entire LATAM candidate base. Working with a talent-matching partner, on the other hand, ensures that your HR team only dedicates time to already vetted candidates.

Use Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing sites allow software developers to offer their services, and the entire collaboration—from onboarding and time management to payment—takes place on the platform. For software developers from Argentina, the most popular one is Upwork.

It could be very beneficial if you’re looking to hire Argentinian software developers for short-term projects. Despite this, you need to be careful to identify truly elite talent on the platform because the level of services offered ranges from regular to excellent.

The Million-Dollar Question: Which Method Should You Use for Hiring Argentinian Software Developers?

It depends on your hiring goals. If you need to hire a software developer from Argentina for a short-term project, freelance talent platforms are your best bet.

However, if you’re looking to hire high-quality developers from Argentina for the long haul, who will really add value to your internal team, then contractors or tech talent-matching platforms are definitely the way to go.

But be cautious. If you aim to scale your tech team quickly and efficiently, relying on tools like LinkedIn Recruiter might waste time. This could lead to hiring talent that isn’t the right fit.

Visit our tech talent-matching platform to discover pre-vetted software developers in Argentina that meet your hiring needs. You’ll find excellent profiles ready to join your team in less than three weeks. 

Jordan Belfort is right: tech talent in Argentina is exceptional. It’s time to see it for yourself.

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